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Photography has been Gus’ passion for as long as he can remember.

He has been involved in photography for the past 30 years, but four years ago left a successful career in construction to pursue photography full time.  A citizen of both the US and Canada, Gus has photographed wild animals and landscapes on both sides of the border.  He is particularly drawn to places where wild animals thrive in their natural habitats and care is taken to ensure the survival of indigenous species.  Gus is particularly interested in bears and other large North American mammals.  He also has a keen eye for stunning landscapes and beautiful light.


All the wildlife photos on Gus’ website are of animals in their natural environments.  His photographs often tell a story about the animals in their daily lives.  On a wildlife photo shoot, Gus spends a lot of time with his subjects. Over time, Gus’ presence in the field does not inhibit them, so his images capture the animals’ natural behavior and emotions.  The animals in his photographs seem to be making a personal connection with the lens.


Gus is a freelance contributor to Canadian Press and is an active member of the North American Nature Photographers’ Association (NANPA).